Living our life in Gracey, KY

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunset Zoo

Today we went to the zoo in Manhattan.  It was small but still very cool to see. The weather was perfect for it and it was good to get out of the house. We saw chimps, cheetas, tigers, bears oh my!, peacock,  snow leopards and others.  And then for dinner since it is Memorial day (and we don't have a grill) I made ribs and mashed potatoes with broccoli. forgot to take a pic, but it was amazing looking...and tasting.

Our Home

So we are renting a 3 bed one bath home in Ogden, KS. a very very small town.  but it is like 30 seconds from ft. riley so it is pretty convenient. The house is a pretty good size but it seems that we still have more stuff than we have places for!.  I believe we're gonna have a yardsale soon.... you know, when you get married you tend to have duplicates of things.  So...of course most of the stuff going is his...hehe. But we're doing pretty great.  The hardest thing to get use to is sleeping in the same bed...I snore and he I think so far we're doing pretty good at this marriage thing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our new life

So most of you reading this will already know that we got married in a beautiful ceremony on April 15th in VA beach.  Pics are on my facebook.   Now we've moved to Ogden, KS right outside of Ft. Riley where Kirk works.  The house is pretty set up. Today I did some more decorating and have almost all the boxes out of the the bedroom and everything where it is suppose to be. I hung up pictures and it is definitely looking more like home.  I'm pretty bored and it is only the second day so I am definitely going to look for a job soon. But I do love being here with Kirk.  He really appreciates me and makes me feel good. And Yes, He is doing the dishes as promised! lol.  I'll post pictures later of the house.